The 4 point plan

The 4 point plan is designed to help you reach your personal goal(s) with your VitaMist Business. Follow this simple and productive point system on a daily basis, each and every day, and you will be amazed with the outcome.

One point = A new contact (lead).

Two points = Set an appointment to show the plan 3-way/two on one (lead) or follow-up call.

Three points = A presentation on the product(s) and/or business opportunity, or do a D.O. Process

Four points = Signing up a new Team Member to your group.

Every day is a new day, no points role over. You aim for no less than 4 points each day. One day a week, your 4 points should be for signing up a new Team Member. Email your upline or me every day telling me how many points you made for the day. Include the peoples’names. If you have less than 4, or even none, still send me an email or text message.

My email is (wmdeihl at

Posted in on Nov 21, 2016
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