The 7 day Plan


There are 3 things you must have to be Successful:

  1. You must be TEACHABLE
  2. You must have strong DESIRE
  3. You must have willingness to WORK

Here are the Activities you will do in the next 7 DAYS to give your Business a Quick Start

(Check Each One Off When Completed)

  1. Share Opportunity: Give CD and brochures to 3-5 people.
  2. Share Product: Spray 3-5 people.
  3. Get VitaMist® Builder Info/Listen to CD.
  4. Read Distributor Manual.
  5. Attend Local Business Briefing.
  6. Get 3-Way Calling?
  7. Get Phone Numbers of Up-Line Sponsors.
  8. Other: Home Briefing, Nutrition/Wellness Clinic.

If you want to go Faster, Double or Triple the Activities above.

Here is a typical recruiting example:

  1. First you share the CD. Their response is "Looks kind of interesting".
  2. Next, you show the PDR and Spray the Product.
  3. Then show them the Compensation Plan "How-the-Money-is-Made".
  4. Finally, show them how easy it is to get started, and help them to fill out the application.

They may require a second look. If so take them to a Business.

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Posted in on Nov 21, 2016
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